التعليم في المنامة

  • British & American Academy (IGCSE,ALevel,IB, AP, ACT,GED,SAT)
    We are a British & American Education Academy based in Kuwait and Bahrain. We specialise in - 1) Teaching all the School, IGCSE, A-Level, AP, GED, SAT & International Baccalaureate (IB) subjects (English, Maths, Science, Business, Economics...
    المنامة - 06-يناير
  • Learn English with a British Teacher (IELTS / TOEFL)
    TeachBahrain is a British Education Academy based in Kuwait and Bahrain. We specialize in teaching all the School, IGCSE, ALevel, IB, AP, GED, SAT subjects. Our English teacher has 30 years of experience in teaching the English Language, specializ...
    المنامة - 06-يناير
  • Interior & Graphic Design with IKEA Design Manager
    Courses Offered: 1) Interior Design Tutoring (Project Based Learning): 2) Autocad 3) 3DS Max 4) Photoshop 5) Illustrator 6) Revit 7) SketchUp List of Programs we teach for Interior, Web, Exterior, Fashion & Graphic Design: AutoCAD,...
    المنامة - 06-يناير
  • Animation, Motion Graphics, Web Design & Coding Courses
    TeachBahrain has increased its line for computer courses after the great success of its Interior & Graphic design courses. Now we are also offering: 1) Animation 2) Motion Graphics 3) Web Design 4) Coding 5) Application Building 6) Computer S...
    المنامة - 06-يناير
  • Language Courses (Arabic, Spanish, French, English)
    We are offering language classes with native-speaking teachers. Languages offered are as follow: English Arabic Spanish French Our language classes are available for all levels and all age groups. We also offer preparation for language-...
    المنامة - 06-يناير
  • CrossFit Bahrain (Men, Women & Kids)
    We have a team of male and female fitness trainers and nutritionists available for men, ladies, and kids. This one comes with extensive coaching skills, nutritional expertise, and experience training fitness hopefuls of all ages. We can get you...
    المنامة - 06-يناير
  • baby sitting available
    baby sitting is available from my home , just in bd 40 . please contact on 35693679...
    المنامة - 24-نوفمبر
  • English language classes
    Native English language teacher Available....
    المنامة - 09-نوفمبر
  • Experienced female English language teacher.
    Can be of absolute help to tutor your kids at home. special needs kids too....
    المنامة - 09-نوفمبر
  • Digital Marketing Coaching available
    • This is your chance to build a genuine online business for yourself! Life is really limitless once you start living it on your own terms, once you are able to leave the shadow of the corporate world and come to the realization that change is w...
    المنامة - 24-يونيو