التعليم في العالي

  • SAT BOOKS - necessary to ace your exam
    There are 4 choices - The Princeton Review: Good for practice and learning what the test offers and how to approach it. Has 8 full-length practice tests (not found on khan academy) to do. 4/5 - Black Book Second Edition: the best one so far. It s...
    العالي - 24-نوفمبر
  • Offering Lessons in IELTS , Fluency in Speaking and Correct Writing
    Congratulations to our students who got 7 Band to 9 Band last March 3,2018 IELTS Exam: 1.Chey-Speaking 7.5; Writing 8; Reading 8.5; Listening8.5- General Training 2.Manu- Speaking 7; Writing 7.5; Reading 8; Listening 8.5- General Training 3. Saji-...
    العالي - 02-أبريل